Saturday, December 04, 2021
Miles from the Mainstream
D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor
LPR goes to a Party in a Bath House
(with apologies to a Life magazine feature from years long gone by)

FEBRUARY 19, 2006 --

LPR went to the Russian & Turkish Baths, Valentine's night -- not for a "schvitz" but at the invitation of
Gemini (Jamie) and Scorpio (Larisa)
to photograph the first dance party in the 144-year history of the baths.

This is the fourth Valentine's party organized by Gemini and Scorpio, which attracted about a hundred "artists, writers, performers, musicians and tech geeks" according to the email about this "bash" that reached LPR.

Pirogen were made by Scorpio and were delicious.

Music was provided by Romashka.

Singing to the crowd on Valentine's Day …

The crowd celebrating Valentine's Day at the Russian and Turkish Baths.

Horn music gets the crowd clapping.

The entrance to the Russian and Turkish Baths.

Gemini (left) and Scorpio (right), hosts of the party.

Accordian music fills the air …

LPR got the above photos of Gemini and Scorpio ( and, mainly, of the "gypsy" band ( -- noting that the atmosphere, with celebrants in swimming pool attire, was convivial -- and the pirogen were terrific.