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~ A Special LPR V.O.T.E Report ~

LPR Was Not Imus-ed

LPR Views Outside The Event


DECEMBER 15, 2007 --

This could well be a Lonely Pamphleteer Review exclusive:  The return of Don Imus to radio by special appearance at Town Hall, December 3, sent pedestrians into the 43rd Street roadway and took out one lane of traffic on this midtown street during the morning commute. (Please see the accompanying photos, including one of a fire truck caught in the West 43rd Street traffic snarl, with emergency lights glowing.)

LPR got to Town Hall shortly before Imus resumed his radio career at New York City's WABC.  LPR had not been pre-approved and was told to wait in the Town Hall lobby.

Town Hall lobby before the program

(LPR took one photo of the lobby scene.) Not long after, a woman walked up and told LPR to leave. LPR did so, indicating that this incident would be reported on the website.

LPR then headed to an area outside Town Hall where a TV crew was stationed, but was informed by members of the NYPD to move away from the premises.  A call to the NYPD office of Deputy Commissioner of Public Information apparently ended the efforts to chase LPR from outside Town Hall.  A Landmark Preservation plaque on the outside wall, notes that the building was completed in 1921   "to serve as a forum for political and cultural issues".  LPR does not know if the people who screened media requests are familiar with the information on this plaque.

LPR has tried to learn who ordered its banishment from the Town Hall street front. As of December 6, there has been no response from Citadel Broadcasting Corporation, owner and operator of the ABC radio stations.

Imus opened the program by announcing the regulars who were still with him, including this:  "From the Bronx..."  and Imus went on to say "Bernard McGuirk,"  while this Bronxite stood outside, isolated.

The I-Man -- who was born about the time this writer, at age 8 weeks, was undergoing surgery (pyloric stenosis) to correct an intestinal blockage -- then talked about going to the governor's mansion in Princeton, New Jersey to apologize to the Rutger's women's basketball team for the offensive remark that got him fired at WFAN. There was no mention from Imus that New Jersey Governor Corzine, rushing to the meeting, was in a horrendous auto accident that almost got him killed.

LPR did hear Imus say that he is now at a "better" radio outlet.  At his previous station, Imus often lampooned Rush Limbaugh and disparaged Sean Hannity. They form the WABC noon to 6 PM lineup. Laura Ingraham is on WABC from 10 PM to 1 AM. Apparently she and Imus had a falling out while he was still at WFAN.   

Previously, Imus was also on MSNBC.  His new cable outlet is RFD, which grew from an idea that occurred to a fellow who installed satellite dishes, Imus said.

Doris Kearns Goodwin (photo'd by LPR after she appeared on the program)

The first guest on Imus II was historian Doris Kearns Goodwin, who traveled from Boston.  LPR caught up with Ms. Goodwin on the cold and windy northwest corner of 6th Avenue and 43rd Street, after her Imus appearance. She thought that former regular Tim Russert would be back.

Imus explained his five-year contract as providing the time he will need to get even (with the people who turned their backs on him).  

But he also indicated he would soften, implying that, eventually, the decision whether to appear on the show would be for the former Imusians to make.

Town Hall reportedly has a seating capacity of 1,500. LPR was told by a worker who had seen the audience that the auditorium was not filled.

The area outside the hall was barren of protesters -- or supporters.  The prolific writer Philip Nobile was, as far as LPR could tell, the only critic of Imus in the vicinity.

Handing out an an-Imus statement to the media, Nobile (who to LPR bears a resemblance to Syracuse basketball coach Jim Boeheim) told LPR that he was also barred from the event.

He was also interested to learn from LPR that Doris Kearns Goodwin had been present. (Mr. Nobile is also a sharp critic of Ms. Goodwin.)

So far as LPR could tell, the only people outside Town Hall, during the 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. Imus program, were individuals connected with the event, TV reporters, TV staffers, cameramen, police officers, and passersby required (as the accompanying photos indicate) to go into the 43rd Street roadway.  

Although thus inconvenienced, they were not otherwise required to pay homage to I-Man II.

Traffic conditions on West 43rd Street

Imus' limo in front of Town Hall

People walking in the road because the sidewalk was blocked off.

People in the road part 2

New Imus sports person Tony Powell, after the program.