Friday, June 21, 2024
Miles from the Mainstream
D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor
LPR on the RNC Chair Issue

January 19, 2023 --

LPR agrees that the GOP should have a new Republican National Committee chair. The reason has nothing to do with success at the polls, but rather the mindset at the top.

Invariably -- that is to say, always -- LPR receives a follow-up to its modest donations, with a request for still more dollars. What is that if not a very strong signal that the RNC regards its
base as greenbacks trough, not as concerned, patriotic citizens intent on reviving our spirit of liberty extolled by Madison in Federalist No. 57, which calls on leaders to stay close to the people -- not merely close to their wallets

The MTA Mindset --- Falsely Blame the Subway Rider

For the second time, a vending machine at the NYC subway system gobbled up LPR's senior citizen reduced fare card. This happened on Thanksgiving evening, at the 86th Street station of the No. 1 line. On January 11, LPR received his replacement card along with a letter, dated December 30, 2022 that included this comment:

"Please note, if you find the card that you reported missing, please do not attempt to use it as it is now invalid." This comment is worthy of a "fake news" report in The New York Times.

LPR is willing to declare, under penalties of perjury, that he did not report his card to be "missing." He reported that his card was gobbled up by an MTA vending machine when he tried to add money to it. Accordingly, the card was never "missing" at all; it was simply held by an MTA vending machine at the downtown side of the No. 1 station at West 86th Street and Broadway. Or are we to believe that MTA cards, once gobbled up by the MTA vending machine, vaporizes, thereby disappearing into thin air.

On the contrary, LPR must conclude that the "missing" MTA card was discovered by an MTA employee when the MTA vending machine was opened for collection of the cash fares. So why couldn't the MTA have just returned my card rather than keep me waiting six weeks for a replacement while I used a temporary card.

But then, had the MTA mailed back my gobbled-up card, it couldn't imply that I was careless and lost it, could it?

Behold the MTA mentality: blame the subway rider for a malfunctioning MTA vending machine.

Seems to LPR that is as good an example of the bureaucratic mindset as any.