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DECEMBER 28, 2007 --

"If you were the I-man and thought his career was over -- you LOST."

Warner Wolf on the new "Imus in the Morning" program, December 17.

How about that? (quoting Mel Allen). Warner Wolf, previously heard reporting sports on the Curtis and Kuby WABC morning radio program,  is, after two weeks in (partial) broadcast limbo, still on WABC during the Imus morning hours with sports reports.  And before he was a Curtis and Kuby regular, Mr. Wolf was heard on the Imus I program (at WFAN).  Imus sounded pleased that Mr. Wolf returned to the his fold.  (LPR is not clear why Mr. Wolf ever left .)

Does the return of Warner to the return of Imus mean new Imus regular Tony Powell's gig is being rearranged.  LPR thought Mr. Powell's I-man duties includes sports.

(BTW: Wouldn't it have been delightful if Warner had a son that he named after CNN's Mr. Blitzer.  Yup: Wolf Wolf)

For LPR, the most incisive comment on Imus comes from new regular Karith Foster, quoted in Essence on-line that when he made that comment about the Rutgers women's basketball team, he was not being nasty, just an old white guy trying to sound with it.  Seems that Ms. Foster sees the I-man as pathetic.  But haven't the regular regulars been saying that for years?

LPR has a theory why Imus looks ancient. He is.  According to the LPR theory,   Imus is alive for the hours of his program, plus maybe another hour before and an hour after he goes on air. (This explains why he is not much seen outside the radio studio.)  That means his day is, at most, 6 hours long. The I-man, therefore, must be four times older than his reported chronological age of 67. Imus is, actually, 268 years old. No wonder he speaks so knowledgeably about American politics -- the guy was, at birth, a contemporary of Adams, Madison et al.

Through a Glass, Smiling:

Imus Crew

Imusistas Charles McCord, Karith Foster and Tony Powell -- r. to l. -- smiling during the December 21 broadcast as LPR took their photo, standing outside the Seventh Avenue studio,  wearing  a clown's bulbous red nose.  The I-man can be seen on the monitor behind them (not to be confused with the monitor assigned to the classes of Brandeis University Professor Donald Hindley).

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