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An Acceptance Speech to Test the American People


September 5, 2020 --

If Joe Biden's speech, accepting the Democratic nomination for president, showed that brevity could be a sign of frailty, President Trump's speech, accepting the Republican presidential nomination, showed that a 70 minute assess need not be boring but, come across strong,  replete with political insights and even sound Capraesque.  LPR expects that the differences between the two nominees will become increasingly apparent as the campaign nears Election Day.  

President Trump made it clear that America is faithful to its founding legacy, while "Joe Biden and the Democrat assail America as a land of racial, economic and social injustice."   As the president asked, "How can the Democrats ask to lead our country when they spend so much time tearing it down?" The president pointed out that the left considers America "as a wicked nation to be punished for its sins," with its redemption possible only by giving them power.

LPR liked the president's observation that Americans don't look to career politicians for solutions, or look to government to repair our souls; "we put our faith in Almighty God."   The president indicated the unwillingness of the Democrats to turn to God by their omission, at their convention, of the words "under God" from their version of the Pledge of Allegiance.

The president also noted, and how can independents gainsay this, that the cities where rioting and looting and arson has taken place are led by Democratic mayors.  LPR would ask, how can a rational people insist that the urban violence of the past few months is just a form of "peaceful protest?"

And how can even Democrats disagree that the liberal who sends his children to elitist private schools is a hypocrite when he opposes school choice for inner-city parents who also want the best for their children?

At the end of his speech, President Trump sounded Capraesque when he said that acting together the American people are "unbeatable," "unstoppable."  These comments were, for LPR, simply a variation on a theme found in Frank Capra's "Meet John Doe," about as traditional and populist a movie as one can get.

President Trump was also not hesitant to sound combative in his acceptance speech. Among other issues, he criticized Joe Biden for representing the outsourcing view, "Made in China," while the president  intends to replace the words "Made in China" with these words, "Made in America." And, significantly, President Trump made it clear that people will no longer be afraid to speak their minds, if he is re-elected.

It is astounding to LPR that the left sees no parallel to the political intolerance of the 1950's, with  job dismissals for being insufficiently correct concerning  "Black Lives Matter." That is to say, in 2020 the left no longer accepts free speech - while it accepts violent protest. How can that be the winning mindset for a presidential campaign in the USA?

In truth, the forces opposed to individual liberty and democratic government are on the left.  It is President Donald J. Trump who holds aloft the banner of freedom in the USA. The attacks on him from the left and their Never Trumper allies would replace our democratic institutions standing on the principle of government of, by and for the people, with institutions of oppression, standing the principle of rule by the few, over the people.

Lincoln's famous observation that some of the people can be fooled all the time, and all of the people can be fooled some of the time, but all of the people cannot be fooled all of the time is to be put to the test come November 3rd.  LPR cannot see how the American people, giving Donald J. Trump for more years as president, can fail that test.


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D.C. Circuit Court Plays Politics With the Michael Flynn Case

September 5, 2020 --

Apparently the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals waited for the two political party conventions to end to hand down its ruling on the Flynn matter, voting 8-2 to return the case to Federal District Court Emmet Sullivan, rather than to approve dismissal of the case, sought by both the government and Flynn.     

LPR believes that Flynn should appeal to the United States Supreme Court.  The appellate court's suggestion that Flynn could appeal an adverse ruling by Judge Sullivan blithely ignores the likelihood that it would reject a second Flynn appeal. 

Recall, too, that Judge Sullivan called upon former Federal Judge John Gleeson to write an amicus brief opposing dismissal - after Gleeson, with two of his partners at the high-powered law firm Debevoise and Plimpton, wrote an op-ed column for The Washington Post... opposing dismissal.   

That op-ed column, pointing a finger at the government, asserted that the record of the Flynn case "reeks of improper political influence."   

LPR does not disagree, but believes the accusation should be directed against the Obama administration -- and, presently, against those who oppose dismissal.

LPR believes that Judge Sullivan and the heavily Democratic appellate court consider the government's support for dismissal as a Trump administration slap at the Obama administration. 

(Democrats on the appellate court include Judge Merrick Garland, whose nomination to the Supreme Court  by President Obama was not acted on by the Senate, with its Republican majority.)

It would not surprise LPR if the Supreme Court allowed dismissal on a 5-4 vote (depending on how the Chief Justice would vote  -- against or with the Never Trumpers).

LPR has a hunch that the politically-minded judges cynically expect that the president could always step in and grant Flynn a full and complete pardon -- with the idea that such action would activate the Biden presidential campaign.

An added thought.  Four of the circuit judges ruling against Flynn were appointed by President Obama. Three of the circuit judges ruling against Flynn were appointed by President Clinton. There was one concurrence to the court's per curiam opinion: Judge Thomas B. Griffith, appointed by President George W. Bush.

The dissenters were Judge Karen Henderson, appointed by President George H.W. Bush, and Judge Neomi Rao, appointed by President Trump.

LPR considers the dissenting opinions persuasive and, indeed, should be roadmaps for an appeal to the Supreme Court. Judge Henderson's main point was that Judge Sullivan was not impartial in refusing to agree to dismissing the Flynn matter. 

Judge Rao, among other things, noted that Judge Sullivan improperly conducted himself as if he were a party to the case and violated separation of powers by demanding the right to interfere with the discretion given by the Constitution to the Executive Branch on deciding whether to bring prosecutions.  That the majority ignored the opinions of the dissenters underscores the politics of the Flynn matter.

It seems clear to LPR that the majority, along with Judge Sullivan, are annoyed that Flynn sought to overturn a political prosecution brought by the Obama administration,

It would be appropriate for the Supreme Court to correct the political decision of the D.C. appellate court and restore the rule of law, not politics, to the Flynn matter.

LPR is convinced that God is blessing attorney Sidney Powell and Lt. Gen. Flynn as exemplars of the greatness of America.



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One Reason Why LPR Is Important

September 5, 2020 --

Has anyone seen a news item, lately, about the sharp price in the wound cleanser, hydrogen peroxide? LPR hasn't. LPR learned about the price hike only by experience.  A few weeks ago, after suffering bloody scrapes down his left arm, LPR went to a drug store for hydrogen peroxide.  The last time LPR purchased this healing fluid, the cost was, if memory serves, $!.50 for a 16-ounce bottle, and $1.99 for a larger size.  Now the cost is $2.00 for a 16-ounce bottle!   Is Big Pharma taking advantage of the Covid-19 pandemic with its unconscionable increase in the cost of hydrogen peroxide.

Wait, there's more. LPR quickly depleted that contents of the newly-purchased bottle of hydrogen peroxide and, returning home from the beach at Robert Moses State Park, went to a Walgreen's that closes at 10 p.m. for more of this healing balm.  This time, LPR was not given a bottle of hydrogen peroxide but a spray vessel.  The container was mot 16 oz.; it was only 8 oz.  The price?  Still $2.99.  (The container bore a Walgreen's label.)  One-half the volume of the bottle-version, but the same cost.   Probably the idea is that not as much of the fluid will be used via its spray application, compared to pouring the fluid out of a bottle.  Still, LPR senses price-gouging here. (This is the poll question for this posting of LPR)   All without public comment - to LPR's knowledge.

That is reason enough, LPR believes, for its clicksters to make this conservative, popular website known to a far larger public.  Bear in mind the president's Capraesque words at the conclusion of his address accepeting the Republican Party's nomination for his re-election as president.   Together we are unstoppable.  But for us to be unstoppable, me we must have unstoppable numbers, numbers that our elected officials cannot ignore. 

Yes, LPR's numbers have been increasing, but they are increasing from, of all places, China.   

Where are the millions of people who were part of the Tea Party movement of years past. Surely, LPR should be a logical website for them to turn to in solidarity with LPR's conservative, populist mindset. If China has more than 3,000 LPR clicksters, the U.S.A. should have 3 million, 30 million and more visitors.  

And LPR is not an insular websitre. LPR strongly supports a fair resolution of the Donbass problem to all concerned parties.  Likewise, LPR supports the Mideast peace moves put forth by the Trump administration, and largely welcomes by Israel and the United Arab Emirates.  LPR supports further peace moves between the Jewish State and its neighbors, in particular the development of a desalinization plant that will make the Sinai desert bloom from Egypt and Israel.  LPR believes it in the national interest that President Trump is re-elected, and all the more ion the national interest that he win in 2020 with a landslide that brings in its wake, large majorities in House and Senate.  And a vastly greater number of LPR visitors is no less in the national interest, to help make it clear to the media and the left, notwithstanding their invidious rejectionism,  that the American people remained committed to the founding legacy of liberty and justice for all Americans.


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The Curious Matter of Dwindling Supplies of Hydrogen Peroxide 


September 5, 2020 --

LPR, after his escalator fall, a couple of weeks ago, applied hydrogen peroxide to the wounds on his arm to prevent infection.  Going to a local drugstore for more peroxide, LPR learned that the price of a 16 ounce bottle had zoomed upward, to $2.99.   Previously peroxide cost some $1.99 or less a bottle.  (I think that an even larger bottle had cost $1.99.)   I concluded that price-gouging was afoot, but purchased the peroxide to keep my wounds clean.

A few days later, coming home from Robert Moses State Park in the late evening, LPR went to a Walgreen to get more peroxide.  The clerk handed LPR a spray container of peroxide, not a bottle.  The price was, again, $2.99, but the amount was only eight ounces.  Having no alternative, I purchased the spray container, thinking that less peroxide per application will be used because the spray will yield a more focused amount.

A few days after that, LPR went to the  local drug store for more hydrogen peroxide and this time was given a four ounce bottle for one dollar.  That comes to four dollars for a 16 ounce bottle. LPR  wondered about the smaller size, but did not ask any questions.   A day or so after that, LPR realized that  the contents of the small bottle  could be poured into the eight ounce spray container, thereby using less of the peroxide per application. (By the way, this was the first time LPR saw hydrogen peroxide in a spray container.)

On Monday, August 31, LPR again went to the  local drug store, after learning that another drug store in the vicinity was out of hydrogen peroxide. (LPR went to the second drug store in hopes of finding normal sized bottles of peroxide.)   The only hydrogen peroxide available in the  regular drug store came in the small, four ounce bottles.  LPR asked the pharmacist whether something was going on about peroxide, something to do with the pandemic.  LPR was mildly surprised when he said yes.  He added that he was lucky to get the four ounce bottles.   He also said  that there are shortages of other medicines, even Lysol.

LPR VISITORS, HAVE YOU NOTICED HYDROGEN PEROXIDE SHORTAGES AND/OR PEROXIDE PRICE-GOUGING AT YOUR LOCAL PHARMACIES?   If so, LPR suggests you write to your elected officials, including the President who has said he is trying to get Big Pharma to lower prices.  It seems, as with hydrogen peroxide, Big Pharma is taking advantage of ordinary Americans.  The silence of our elected officials suggests how far removed they are from our reality.  Or is it that elected officials, along with members of the media, don't ever need drugstores?   

And LPR suggests that our hydrogen peroxide problem is another reason why lots more ordinary citizens should know about www.lonelypamp[,  This website, after all,  TAKES NOTICE WHEN OFFICIALS AND THE MEDIA DON'T.


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An Interesting Twist...

September 5, 2020 --

Here is an interesting twist to the hydrogen peroxide piece.  September 1s, after spending 75 minutes painlessly in Dr. Paly's dental chair, undergoing root canal treatment, LPR went to the Barnes & Noble store in Union to purchase Lesley M.M. Blume's book, "Fallout," about John Heersey and the writing of "Hiroshima."   LPR then went to a CVS store, at 19th Street and Sixth Avenue to see if they had any hydrogen peroxide.

Not only did this CVS have hydrogen peroxide, they had 32 fluid ounce bottles of the solution - and get this, the price was only $2.29, seventy cents cheaper than 16 and 8 ounce bottles at certain Bronx drug stores.   

And a bargain compared to the four ounce bottles that cost a dollar at my local pharmacy.  Eight of those four ounce bottles would amount to 32 ounces -- but cost EIGHT dollars. 

Why aren't 32 ounce bottles of peroxide available in the northwest section of The Bronx, at $2.29?   

What's the situation with sales of hydrogen peroxide across the USA. 

LPR clicksters, as a variation of what  they say on public buses and trains in NYC, if you see something funny about sales of hydrogen peroxide, say something.

And an aside...

Speaking of public buses in NYC, on August 31, the months of free bus transportation due to Coronavirus-19 are over. No longer are riders directed to enter buses at the back doors and for free. It's back to the fare system. But we still have to wear masks on the buses (and subway trains). LPR wonders: are masks to become permanent adornments for a free people.


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One More Beach Visited

September 5, 2020 --

On August 26, LPR took a New Jersey Transit train to Long Branch to see what the beach at this seaside community was like.  There is a direct train from Penn Station to Long Branch. The trip takes about 85 minutes.  The beach is about a mile from the station. It cost LPR $5 for a cab to the beach.  LPR, on return, walked the distance.  PLR definitely recommends the $5 cab ride.

The waves seemed higher than those at Rockaway and Robert Moses State Park.  At first they seemed manageable, but entering the water, LPR sensed that they came ashore more quickly than at the other beaches, and the best way to enter the water was to dive through these waves. Alas, LPR did not feel expert enough to swing through the waves, although he did go into the water twice, while being thrashed soundly by the surf, knocked down, prompting several beach goers to help him up, both times.   Only once did LPR withstand wave-power and survive without getting knocked down.

The Long Branch beach was filled with people,and umbrellas, and chairs and beach towels.  The beach is perhaps slightly narrower that the Rockaway beach, and the sand finer than the Rockaway sand, but a bit coarser than that Robert Moses sand. LPR has an idea that fewer people went into the water at Long Branch, perhaps because of the challenging nature of the surf.  There were plenty of people taking in the sun, on the beach, however.  On the day of LPR's visit, that sun was particularly warm.

In at least one aspect, for LPR, the Long Branch beach is incomparable: its vista of the Atlantic Ocean.  At Long Branch, for LPR, the view of the Atlantic seemed rather more majestic than the view at the other beaches LPR visited. Indeed, the Atlantic, from this point, appeared to be truly immense.  (And hard to believe it could be affected to any degree by manmade climate warming.) 

Right at the beach, a residential and commercial development  is nearing completion: its first stage may already have been completed, as customers visited the shops and restaurants on the ground floor of these four storey, gabled structures.  The residential floors provide condo living, with apartments going from the mid-500,000's to low millions.   The developer is the Kushner Corporation, the same family that is related   to President Trump, through the marriage of his daughter Ivanka to Jared Kushner (who worked on the peace agreement between Israel and the UAE).

On leaving for the return to New York City, LPR planned to stop at an ice cream waffle shop. There was a long line on the sidewalk, apparently entry was one personn at a time.  LPR decided to just head out for the long walk to the train, when he spotted, on the way, another shop that sold ice cream, ices and candy, a shop that had a few people inside.  LPR walked in and decided on cherry ices, instead of ice cream.  (One flavor was creamsicle ice cream.)  The cherry ices were delicious and, biting down, LPR found pieces of cherry in the ices.   This was the first time in 80 years that LPR had cherry ices with real cherries embedded in the ices. Before leaving, LPR purchased a box of salt water taffy, and the multi-flavored pieces of taff were delicious.

The name of the candy shop is "Sugar Pop" and it is located in the Pier Village development, where Chelsea Avenue meets the beach at Centennial Drive.  And for information on Pier Village, google "Pier Village in Long Branch."  (No one, and certainly no member of the Kushner family, knows about this plug.)


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Hiroshima, the Winsted Flood and John Hersey

September 5, 2020 --

LPR knows what flood devastation can look life, have witnessed the destruction that Hurricanes Carol and Diane caused Winsted, Connecticut on August 19, 1955.

Coincidentally, lately, the media have been reviewing Lesly M.M. Blume's "Fallout," about the 30,000 word article "Hiroshima that John Hersey wrote for The New Yorker, breaking through the government's p.r. effort to hide the extent of the devastation that the atomic bombs wreaked on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, including the lethal effects of radiation sickness. The magazine article was turned into a book. 

The coincidence is in the fact that a month after the Winsted flood, Hersey went to Winsted to chronicle the effects of the hurricanes on Winsted, including the seven lives lost in a small city of 8,000. 

(As LPR has noted several times, he was 15-years old and a senior camper at Camp Wabigoon, located on Smith Hill above Winsted, and August 21, with other campers, walked down to Main Street to see what the hurricanes did to the town, digging a gully from one end of Main Street to the other end, breaking apart buildings, as if they were doll houses,and  that had stood on the Mad River side of Main Street, uplifting cars as though they were toys.)   

In 1963 Hersey published a book, "Here to Stay: Studies in Human Tenacity" that included his accounts of the Winsted flood, Hiroshima and other articles  (LPR will have to go to a Barnes & Noble to see if the Blume book mentions Hersey's later article on the Winsted flood.)


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LPR Throws Out Questions for Sports Fans

September 5, 2020 --

Are the major leagues in baseball, basketball, hockey and football, sports organizations -- or are they now primarily social justice agencies, whose play on the field or in the arena depends on the players' sense of morality, on a given day?

This search phrase on Google -- "5-year old shot"-- resulted in a reference to the shooting death of 5-year old Cannon Hinnant allegedly by Darius Sessoms, an African-American.  (btw - this search phrase also brought up other shootings, and other deaths.)

Did the life of this 5-year old matter?  Should professional athletes have walked off the field to mark the killing of Cannon Hinnant?   

Do the lives of blacks shot and killed by other blacks in our urban centers matter? 

Where are the protests over the shooting deaths in Chicago, New York , and other cities-- on a weekly basis it seems? 

Is it wrong to conclude that not all homicides matter?


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Random LPR Observations...

September 5, 2020 --

Advice from Ms. Clinton to Joe Biden

Hillary Clinton appeared on "The Circus," a Showtime program hosted by Jennifer Palmieri,  a former Clinton aide,August 24 -- and had this advice for Joe Biden:  don't concede.

We are still some two months away, and the former secretary of state/ U.S. senator/ first lady apparently imagines that Biden will be behind in the first round of vote-counting,  but will eventually win if only he doesn't concede.  Ms Clinton told her former aide, in part, "I do believe he [Biden]  will win if we don't give an inch and if we are focused and relentless as the other side is."   Sounds to LPR that Ms. Clinton expects that ballot-harvesting will get Joe Biden elected president.  Also sounds like Ms. Clinton will deny the legitimacy of a re-elected President Donald J. Trump.  

And so, we have a new tradition in American politics.  Democrats will agree on the legitimacy of a president only if he or she is a Democrat.  LPR has a hunch that a mindset like that could lead to the withering away of the Democratic party.   The Democratic party will not be helped by the findings on the Russia hoax in the Durham report.  The reputation of Joe Biden will be tarnished by further disclosures of his role in promoting the Ukrainian company Burisma when he was in chaege of Ukraine policy for the Obama administration.

Looking to the GOP's presidential future.

LPR expects that a Trump-Pence victory will quickly lead to speculation whether Vice President Pence will succeed President Trump in 2025.  LPR predicts, more than four years ahead of time, that if he is nominated for president in 2024,  Mike Pence will choose a woman to run as his vice president, and that the woman will either be former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley (currently under fire for -- get this -- going by her middle name), South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, or Rep. Elise  Stefanik, representing an upstate New York district. Should Mike Pompeo step down as secretary of state after the election, LPR expects that Nikki Haley will be named secretary of state in the event of the re-election of President Trump, with Gov. Noem named agriculture secretary.

And If  the Republicans  Win a House Majority and  the Senate and White House, Too...

...Democrats will say that Sen. Bernie Sanders or Sen. Elizabeth Warren would have won -- and House Democrats will choose Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) as their leader, over Adam Schiff, thereby estranging the Democratic party even more from ordinary Americans, diminishing Democratic holds on power even further to enclaves on the two coasts,  as Pakistan consisted of two areas on the two sides of the Indian subcontinent, before the eastern portion of Pakistan went its own way as Bangladesh. 

A second Trump presidential term will see further decline of the power of the deep state, caused as much by the increased separation of arrogant, deep state elitists from traditional, freedom loving Americans, as much as by President Trump's efforts to drain the swamp.   Proof positive that the swamp has been drained during a second Trump presidential term will be a summit meeting between Presidents Putin and Trump, with settlement of the Ukraine problem on the agenda.

LPR also expects...

...that one way or another -- by court action or presidential pardon -- Mike Flynn will get the charges against him dismissed before January 20, 2021.  And within a year, he will write an explosive book on his persecution by persons in the Obama administration and the FBI.      (LPR wonders how long it will take for John Bolton's book on his service as national security adviser to hit the remainder pile.)   

A Presidential Pardon

Jon Ponder, a rehabilitated former bank robber, and now an advocate for prisoners,  was pardoned by President Trump just before Ponder was to speak at the Republican National Convention.  LPR had wondered if the president would use the occasion of his speech at the convention to pardon Mike Flynn.  Turned out to be the right type of proceediing, but a different person.



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The more GOP presidents change, the more things stay the same

September 5, 2020 --

LPR recommends an op-ed column by David B Rivkin, Jr. and Lee A. Casey, in The Wall Street Journal, late last month, warning that mail-in voting may make "an orderly election possible." This is not the first time LPR has taken note of an insightful op-ed column by these authors.

Go to archives, the year 2007, then go to October, and you will find reference to an op-ed article by Messrs. Rivkin and Casey on the wisdom of the founders. (LPR, October 1, 2007. )

Click This Link For 2007 Wisdom of the Founders Article

In this column, written  thirteen years ago, the authors encouraged President George W. Bush to resist an assault on his powers from congressional Democrats. 

(Of course, throughout the four years of, Godwilling, his first term in office, President Trump has been resisting assaults from Democrats on his very legitimacy as president, as well as on his powers.)


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LPR Unsolicited Endorsement

July 19, 2020 --

A Wonderful Dentist …

Recently, LPR suffered from a tooth with an infected gum which required immediate extraction.

LPR's dentist is Dr. Bruce Paly whose office is located in Manhattan, at 121 East 60th (between Lexington and Park).

The offending lower left molar was removed without pain. LPR didn't even feel the syringe with the anesthetic inserted in the infected gum.

If an LPR clickster requires the services of a dentist for ordinary procedures, such as a filling cavity or cleaning, or more complicated procedures, LPR wholeheartedly recommends his outstanding dentist, Dr. BRUCE PALY.

"A vote that represents free will is never wasted"
-- David Zukerman
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LPR wishes its clicksters a Happy Labor Day weekend, and the kickoff of a rewarding political campaign season.

Old Glory, long may she wave

o'er the land of the free and the home of the brave


Support cooperative
free enterprise.

Predatory free enterprise
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September 5, 2020 --

Signs that summer is jusy about over …

It's getting dark at 8 p.m. in The Bronx.  LPR has not needed nighttime air-conditioning since August 30.  Daylight temperatures are running in the 70's in New York City.

Hurricane Laura and the California Wildfires …

LPR wishes the victims of Hurricane Laura speedy rebuilding.  LPR also wishes California respite from the wildfires that plague the Golden State.

When will they rename Washington,D.C. -- Federal City?

Breitbart reported, the early hours of September 2, that a mayoral committee in Washington, D.C. wants to remove or "contextualize" the Washington  monument, the Jefferson Memorial and other D.C. landmarks.  Look for lots of name changes if Joe Biden gets elected.

One More Question …

Why does the media let leftists get away with the lie that the riots and looting and arson are merely forms of justifiable peaceful protest?



If we don't speak out against economic bullying by Oil, Credit Cards, Municipalities, WHO WILL?

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