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A Few Questions for
Secretary of State Kerry
(not to be expected from the media)


September 15, 2014 --

Mr. Secretary: You have stated that the United States is not at "war" with ISIS but, rather, is engaged in a "major counter-terrorism operation."

Does this reasoning have anything to do with President Obama's statement in the Turkish Parliament in Ankara, April 6, 2009, that the United States will never be at war with Islam? (The president reiterated this statement , two months later, in his Cairo University address, with the added qualification that the United States will "relentlessly" respond to violence threatening the security of the U.S.) That is, is the administration concerned that a statement of war against ISIS could be viewed by some as the equivalent of our going to war against Islam?

Mr. Secretary: When the Palestine Liberation Organization and Hamas entered into a unity pact, last April, your spokeswoman, Jen Psaki, was quoted in The New York Times, April 24, in part: "'It's hard to see how Israel can be expected to negotiate with a government that does not believe in its right to exist.'" Does Ms. Psaki's statement indicate that you are aware that the Hamas charter calls for the destruction of Israel by Jihad and rules out peace negotiations as "a waste of time."

Do you agree that it is hard to see how Israel can be expected to negotiate with a government that refuses to negotiate peace, intent, instead, on destroying Israel by Jihad (holy war)?

Is LPR correct, however, in understanding that the administration cannot accept destruction by Israel of Hamas, which is committed to Israel's destruction, but it is now permissible for the administration to destroy ISIS -- by counter-terrorism, not by war?

In World War II, the United States and her allies regularly bombed civilians in the course of attacking German and Japanese targets with the aim of obtaining the unconditional surrender of those enemies. Do you now disagree with the way we fought World War II? The Arab-Israel War is now in its 68th year. Have you considered that if the limited rules of engagement you would impose on Israel were taken by President Roosevelt as the guide to fighting Germany in World War II, the Nazis would still be in power -- unless, that is, Stalin would have refused such rules, with the Soviets eventually absorbing all of Europe -- up to the English Channel.

(There may, of course, be officials in the West, today, who are convinced that that is Putin's aim -- to absorb all of Europe--up to the English Channel. An explanation for the push to "expand" NATO up against Russia, perhaps.)



Red Line

Disproportionate Journalism

September 15, 2014 --

When it comes to the State of Israel, The New York Times leads the way in disproportionate criticism of Israel. Isabel Kershner's article, September 11, is of a piece with such journalistic imbalance.

Israel gets attacked by rockets from Hamas and, although its theoretical right to defend itself is -- grudgingly, LPR believes -- recognized by the West's media and governments, the Jewish State is threatened with war crimes accusations when it fact it does respond.

The Kershner article asserts that over 2,100 Palestinians were killed in Gaza. I have seen reports in The New York Times that 2,600 people have been killed in Ukraine, with vast numbers turned into refugees. I am not aware of any clamor in the media about civilian casualties and suffering in Ukraine. Indeed, as has been noted elsewhere, the western media that shows damage to buildings in Gaza has ignored the damage to civilian areas in Ukraine's Donbass.

Ms. Kershner indicates that while Israel will investigate the conduct of its troops in the recent fighting in Gaza, similar investigations are not to be expected from Hamas. Ms. Kershner does got address the question: is the war crimes concept conceivable Hamas, committed to Jihad against Israel -- notwithstanding the apparent refusal of the media to acknowledge this? In view of the references to Jihad in the Hamas Charter, neither The New York Times nor the Obama administration, nor the Israel-haters can claim that Hamas is not waging Jihad against Israel

Ms. Kershner reports that Hamas summarily killed suspected collaborators with Israel and has drawn criticism for these acts. headlined criticism Unmentioned by Ms.Kershner is the use by Hamas of "human shields" around its missile-launching locations. Does The New York Times dismiss the assertion that Hamas fired missiles against Israel from within civilian centers? Perhaps so. The House of Representatives passed a resolution critical of the use of "human shields" by Hamas; LPR is not aware that The New York Times reported this House action which, even if reported, must have been buried in the pages of the paper.

Ms. Kershner's lead sentence points to "widespread criticism, even among allies like the United States, that Israeli forces had used excessive fire-power in a number of highly publicized assaults in [Gaza]." This would suggest that Israel's "allies" recognize that Israel has a right of limited self-defense. and must remain vulnerable to continued attack from the Jihadists who are committed to the obliteration of Israel, with the Islamic State of Palestine rising on her ashes These critics of Israel might as well recognize for Hamas a unilateral right of belligerency against the Jewish State of Israel -- Hamas may attack and Israel has the right to be destroyed.

A hint of this approach was indicating during the Gaza fighting with assertions that it was unfair for Israelis to be protected by the Iron Dome -- unless Gaza was similarly protect, and by outrage that the number of civilian casualties in Gaza far exceeded the number of civilian deaths in Israel. LPR believes these critics will not be satisfied until the flag of Hamas appears on Jerusalem's Western Wall.

Article 13 of the Hamas Charter declares that Hamas has no interest in peace terms with Israel. The Hamas goal is total victory over Israel by means of Jihad. Either Israel's critics are unaware of this Hamas reality -- or, they back this goal.

Articles 15 and 30 of the Hamas Charter invite media support for Hamas as it wages Jihad against Israel. Again, either the media critics of Israel are unaware of this invitation from Hamas -- or, quite aware of it, they have been pleased to comply.


"A vote that represents free will is never wasted"
-- David Zukerman

Red Line

A Democrat for Original Intent -- Belatedly?

September 15, 2014 --

Former Congressman Michael D. Barnes (D-Md.) in an article in The Washington Post, indicated that he now regrets having led a move in Congress to bring a lawsuit against the Reagan administration.

What is remarkable, in LPR's view, is that Mr. Barnes seemed, in his article, to have praised Judge Robert H. Bork for indicating, in his dissent from a Court of Appeals decision upholding the action, that the framers of the Constitution never contemplated that the judiciary should decide disputes "between the political branches of the national government."

The occasion of the Barnes de facto mea culpa was the action by the House approving litigation against the Obama administration for the way it is implementing -- or not implementing -- provisions of the Affordable Care Act.

LPR regrets that the former congressman did not include in his article an apology to Judge Bork for the shabby way Democrats treated him in rejecting his nomination to the Supreme Court. Well, what next from a Democrat -- regret at bringing U.S. v. Nixon and not, instead, just sticking to the impeachment route? (Note from LPR: the Constitution and Federalist Paper No. 65 indicate that impeachment of a president and his removal from office comes first, and, thereafter, judicial action, if any.)


Red Line

LPR Wonders ....

September 15, 2014 --

... what did Jimmy Carter say in his keynote speech to a Muslim conference in Detroit. LPR has seen no mention of Carter's remarks in the media?

... are there really officials in the West who believe that Sunnis and Shiites would be amenable to mediation conducted by infidels?

... will Congress ever give us an Affordable Car Act? (LPR would be grateful for an Affordable Food Act, including severe punishment for any food processor who reduces the size of packaging.)

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September 15, 2014 --

LPR Does Not Expect ...

... that Brandeis University, which last April acceded to protests that Ayaan Hirsi Ali is an Islamophobe and canceled the honorary degree she was to receive from the school, will issue a statement saying that perhaps she has a better understanding of Islam, in all its manifestations, than university officials, after all.


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