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The Left’s War Against Trump


June 29, 2016 --

Last November, a Dartmouth College administrator told students that conservatives are not very nice.

LPR, these past weeks, has seen columns by so-called conservatives, effectively declaring that Trump’s voters in the primaries are, well, not very nice, Peter Wehner’s diatribe against Trump, in the New York Times, June 12, being only the most recent. Last March The New York Times estimated that Trump has gotten nearly $2 billion in free publicity. LPR does not expect The New York Times to estimate the dollar value to Hillary Clinton of the media’s war – and it will only increase in volume and virulence – against Trump. Republican officeholders who think they are smart to join the left’s war against Trump ought to reflect that when it comes to “the vast rightwing conspiracy” Hillary Clinton makes no distinction between Donald Trump and other Republicans. Her July 13, 2015 speech to the La Raza national convention attacked Trump for his remarks on undocumented workers, but, in addition to a general attack on the GOP’s candidates, she also attacked, by name, Jeb Bush and Wisconsin Scott Walker, accusing him of “stomping on workers’ rights.” This November, the California race for U.S. Senate will be contested by two Democrats. That, LPR believes, is the GOP’s future if Hillary Clinton is elected president.”

The Wall Street Journal began its lead June 15 editorial: “President Obama has run roughshod over Congress, and most of the media give him a pass.” Does the Wall Street Journal think President Hillary Clinton will restore constitutional government to the people? In her speech to La Raza, Ms. Clinton promised to extend the Obama precedent of issuing executive orders when Congress “refuses to act.”

A New York Times article on class divisions in the Republican Party, last January 10, suggested that GOP voters were staging “a people’s coup” in seeking a candidate against the wishes of “wealthy donors and elected officials.” The article went on to say that these voters wanted to confront the political establishment, not acquiesce to it. Actually, LPR believes these voters want the Republican party to confront the left, not defer to its aims.

So, how much in dollar value to the left is the media’s War on Trump? This campaign seems to borrow not only from the Saul Alinsky guide to demonize your opponent, but also from the insight of F.A. Hayek that totalitarianism is most effective when the people accept the aims of the leaders as their own aims. The war against Trump seems headed to propagandizing Trump as the most evil person in human history, by July 18, when the Republican National Convention convenes. This, of course, will make it far easier for the aggrandizing left and their allies among “Republicans,” come next January 20, to bury constitutional government and return the masses to the poverty, misery and squalor they enjoyed in feudal times.


"A vote that represents free will is never wasted"
-- David Zukerman

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The President and Hillary Clinton

June 19, 2016 --

The President, in his Second Inaugural:

“[O]ur country cannot succeed what a shrinking few do very well and a growing many barely make it.”

Ms. Clinton, speaking to La Raza, more than two and a half years later:

“[C]orporate profits are at near record highs. Paychecks, however, have barely budged. Families today are stretched in so many directions, and so are their budgets.”

LPR: And Ms. Clinton is going to run on the Obama record?

Speech Control, Next?

Ms. Clinton said, on ABC’s “This Week,” June 5 that constitutional rights are “subject to reasonable regulation.” She was referring to the Second Amendment and the gun control issue. LPR would be interested in a question directed to Ms. Clinton whether the First Amendment can withstand presidential action against “hate speech.”

Did you know…

…that Bill Clinton received more than $16 million, from 2010-2014 to be honorary chancellor of a for-profit university, Laureate International Universities, and that a not-for-profit arm of Laureate got some $55 million in grants from the State Department when Hillary Clinton was secretary of state?

Name your choices

LPR calls on Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump (unless he suspends his campaign due to the ultrasuper-Borking underway against him) to give us their cabinet choices by the end of the national conventions. LPR thinks Trump should make Rep. Dave Brat his v.p. pick, Newt Gingrich, secretary of state, and Neil Barofsky, secretary of the treasury. Ben Carson? Health and Human Services, of course.



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Our Thought Police

June 19, 2016 --

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton chatted with George Stephanopoulos on ABC’s “This Week” program, June 5. Mr. Stephanopoulos invited Ms. Clinton to bork Donald J. Trump, and she did so, enthusiastically. Mr. Stephanopoulos did not, however, inquire of Ms. Clinton as to her qualifications to charge that Trump is temperamentally unfit to be president. He did ask if she was suggesting that Trump is “mentally unstable.” No , Ms. Clinton replied, “he’s temperamentally unfit.”

LPR is reminded of the elderly sisters who, in the movie “Mr. Deeds Goes to Town” told the judge at the sanity hearing for Longfellow Deeds , testified that Deeds was “pixilated.”

Where, for LPR, Mr. Stephanopoulos went way overboard was when, interviewing Republican Senator Bob Corker, he told the senator that Ms. Clinton “made her case” against Trump.

For Mr. Stephanopoulos, and for John Dickerson (Face the Nation) and Chuck Todd (Meet the Press), reality is what their favored candidates say it is. If we had truth in Sunday morning TV talk program, Mr. Dickerso would be host of Face the Left, Todd, of Meet the Left, and Stephanopoulos, of This Week with the Left.

By the way, the June 5 This Week transcript, as LPR read it, never identified Stephanopoulos as a senior aide to President Bill Clinton.

The accusation that Donald J. Trump is “temperamentally unfit” to be president suggests to LPR that dissent, with Hillary Clinton as president, will be regarded as a mental disorder, with dissidents sent to mental institutions, as was the practice in the former Soviet Union.

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Wrong Mona, Wrong

June 19, 2016 --

Mona Charen told John Batchelor on the John Batchelor Show, June 9, that she does not want Donald J. Trump to win. She went on to say that he is not fit to be president. Ms. Charen is said to be a columnist, political analyst and book author. LPR even thnks she is said to be “conservative.” She predicts that the Republicans will unite in opposition if Hillary Clinton is elected. Wrong, wrong, wrong. The Republicans in Congress will be no more effective in checking Hillary Clinton’s expected abuse of power than they were in keeping Presidnt Obama within constitutional grounds. Republicans just don’t have the stomach to counter vicious, leftist demagoguery. LPR predicts that by spring of 2017, Mona Charen will tell John Batchelor – if conservative radio survives the H. Clinton presidency, “What could I have been thinking in accepting a Hillary Clinton presidency?”

As LPR heard Charen chatting with John Batchelor, LPR sensed that she would not mind if the primary route for presidential nomination were replaced by an Elitist National Council. Clearly, Ms. Charen rather disdains the choice of Republican primary voters.

Perhaps, however, Ms. Charen will realize that the Electoral College was intended as a kind of elitist national council, with the people choosing persons of political discernment to pick the president. There’s the answer to the presumed Clinton-Trump choice. Ms. Charen ought to take the Electoral College seriously and ask that the electors choose None of The Above.


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Unilateral Clashing

June 19, 2016 --

The New York Times, June 3, reported that anti-Trump protesters “clashed violently with Mr. Trump’s supporters” in San Jose, California, where Trump was speaking. The Times report cited three instances where Trump backer had been physically assaulted. The paper mentioned no instance of a physical response by the Trump supporters. Seems to be a matter of one-sided clashing to LPR.


in San Diego, June 2, Hillary Clinton declared Donald J. Trump to be, as reported by The New York Tmes, “ temperamentally unfit to be commander in chief.” According to the Times, Ms. Clinton “mixed biting sarcasm and somber assessments of the foreign crises of the Obama years” in “remarks billed as a major foreign policy address… Yet the speech was devoid of new policy prescriptions” and the report noted that Ms. Clinton did not mention the Libya intervention or the terror attack on a U.S. facility in Benghazi, September 11, 2012.

LPR would point out that Ms. Clinton spoke in San Diego on September 4, 2014 to the Robbins Geller Rudman and Dowd law firm, receiving $255,00o for the talk.

(The predecessor to this firm reportedly paid former President Bill Clinton $450,000 for two appearances.) Robbins Geller Rudman and Dowd is representing plaintiffs in the Trump. U. class action lawsuit before Judge Gonzalo Curiel. Would the media ask questions if a law firm paid Donald Trump $225,000 to give a talk and the firm was representing a plaintiff suing the Clintons?


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Her Inevitableness

June 19, 2016 --

The media, in advance of the Democratic National Convention, is genuflecting towards Hillary Clinton as our Presumed President or, stated differently, Her Inevitableness. On ABC's "This Week" program, June 5, for example, Ms. Clinton rattled off a series of anti-Trump diagnoses and rants. Rather than seeking specifics and inquiring of Ms. Clinton her qualifications to diagnose Trump's state of mind, host George Stephanopoulos told his next guest, Sen. Bob Corker, that Ms. Clinton had "made her case," and then told him how to reply: no comments directed at Ms. Clinton, just defend Trump -- if you can.

Mr. Stephanopoulos did not ask Ms. Clinton if people might think it curious that the judge in the Trump University case certified the San Diego law firm that, with its predecessor, had given the Clintons a total of $675,000. Perhaps this kind of question would not have occurred to Mr. Stephanopoulos if such a payment had gone to Donald Trump from a law firm representing a plaintiff against the Clintons -- but I doubt it.

The Republican establishment, so quick to join the left in attacking Trump, at the drop of a bork,** is clearly insensible to the campaign to crush the vast rightwing conspiracy that will be unleashed on January 20, 2017, as soon as President Hillary Clinton finishes reciting the oath of office, the oath that she will quickly dishonor. (Among the many Republicans who were hostile to Trump, Winson Gov. Scott Walker will have great reason to regret his opposition to Trump as the public sector union militants and thje John Does resume thier anti-Walker efforts, with encouragement from the Hillary Clinton administration.

Anti-Trumpers like Mark Levin will have cause to rue their anti-Trump venom when the FCC, at Clinton bidding, "fairnesses" conservative talk radio off the airwaves, with FCC coming to be understood, alternatively, as meaning the Fairness Control Commission.

What Richard Benedetto said of media deference towards President Obama, in a Wall Street Journal op-ed, May 20, will continue unabated with President Hillary Clinton who also will be "the beneficiary of news media managers and reporters who mostly like his style and agree with his policies. With President Clinton in the White House, before her first term ends, how many states will follow California's lead in seeing to it that primary winners go to the two top Democrats?

I anticipate the Democratic National Convention, starting July 25, and, imagining slogans like: "Hillary: "Unifying the Nation," Hillary: Ending Divisiveness, " "Hillary: Restarting America, " I see, impending, an end of the Founding Vision for our Republic.

**to bork (transitive verb)-- to attack or defeat (a nominee or candidate for public office) unfairly through an organized campaign of harsh public criticism or vilification. Merriam Webster definition.





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LPR Photo Observations...

June 19, 2016 --

Flowers on display in Henry Hudson Park, Bronx, N.Y.
The 16-foot statue of Henry Hudson in Henry Hudson Park, atop a 100-foot column. The explorer, standing on the U.S. mainland, is looking in the direction of Manhattan Island.
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June 19, 2016 --

Not Federalist No. 57 Adherents ...

As LPR sees them, none of the so-called conservative Never-Trumpers are faithful to No. 57’s call on leaders to be close to the people if tyranny is to be avoided.

Let the Borking Continue ...

Meanwhile, the left’s thought police seems to following the suggestion in Hayek’s “The Road to Serfdom” that the way to be most effective is to convince everyone to believe in the left’s aims. Borking is, certainly, a major tool in propagandizing the people. Merriam-Webster’s defines borking as unfairly attacking a candidate for public office by means of an organized campaign of harsh public criticism or vilification. That is to say, by means of hate-speech, when it directed at a candidate of the left.


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