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Thank You Senator Tom Cotton


May 19, 2015 --

LPR thanks United States Senator Tom Cotton (R. Ark.) for standing tall in support of the treaty power given to the Senate by the Constitution. Unfortunately, Senator Cotton was the sole member of the United States Senate to demand, in effect, that President Obama submit his "Iran deal" to the Senate for approval as a treaty. Ninety-eight senators voted to turn the treaty power upside down.

The Constitution put the burden on the president to get approval for ratifying a treaty from requires two-thirds of the Senators present and voting. The 98-1 vote on the process to approve the Iran deal (Sen. Barbara Boxer, D.-Ca., was absent) puts the burden on the Senate to reject the Iran deal by two-thirds of the Senate.

Previously, the House of Representatives gave up its constitutional power over the purse to restrain an overbearing president -- or senate. Abandonment by the Senate of its treaty power means that another of the checks and balances placed by the Framers in the Constitution to protect the people from an Imperial President has annulled.

Perhaps the Republican leaders in Congress fear adverse publicity from a hostile media far more than they honor their constitutional obligation to protect the Republic from a tyrannical president. By ceding power to the president, House Speaker Boehner and Senate Majority Leader McConnell will not have to respond to media accusations that they have shutdown government. By keeping an imperial president functioning, quite smoothly. they merely have spat on the member of our Founding Fathers.

LPR will not be surprised to learn of an editorial from a leading leftist newspaper denouncing as "hate speech" the rationale in Federalist No. 75 for requiring that the president obtain Senate ratification for treaties. LPR invites clicksters to read Federalist No. 75.

"A vote that represents free will is never wasted"
-- David Zukerman

Red Line

President Obama Marks the 70th Anniversary of V-E Day

May 19, 2015 --

Germany surrendered to the Allies on May 7, 1945, and V-E (Victory in Europe) has been celebrated in the U.S. on May 8. President Obama was in Portland, Oregon fundraising
on May 7. Some 300 people reportedly paid up to $33,400 to attend. On May 8, the president delivered remarks on his trade bill while in Oregon and then went to Watertown, South Dakota to deliver the commencement address at Lake Area Technical Institute. During the address, the president singled out two servicemen who were in the graduating class, but he did not make and V-E day remarks. The White House did release the audio and video of a presidential statement, May 8, the 70th anniversary of V-E Day. The president's V-E statement ended with the words "Never Again."

Why, then, is the president on a course that will lead to UN sanctions against Israel refusing to surrender to Palestinian demands--and will lead to an Iran capability of nuking the Jewish state? For President Obama, does "Never Again" have a 70-75 year expiration date?


Red Line

The LPR Plan for Arab-Israel Peace

May 19, 2015 --

President Obama, moving to restore diplomatic relations with Cuba, noted that our Cuba policy hasn't worked, after 50 years. LPR believes it is even more to the point that U.S. policy on the Arab-Israel conflict has not worked after 67 years. If it is time to change our policy on Cuba -- and also on Iran (after nearly four decades), LPR believes it is past time to change our policy on the Arab-Israel War. U.S. policy, these past 67 years, has been to apply pressure on the Jewish state, directly and via the United Nations, to be conciliatory to the Arab belligerents.

It should be noted that there is also a tone of...condescension towards Israel that is certainly absent from U.S.-Saudi Arabia dealings. Consider, please the outcry when Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu announced that he would speak beofre Congress to oppose a "bad " nuclear deal with Iran. The front page of The Wall Street Journal, May 11, reported that the Saudi king will not attend an Arab summit called by President Obama "to build Aab support for a nuclear accord with Iran." LPR does not expect denunciations of the Saudi king from Democrats in Congress.

LPR proposes that the United Nations remove the "Question of Palestine" from the General Assembly agenda and also from matters raised before the Security Council. LPR encourages China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States -- the veto-holding powers on the U.N. Security Council -- to acknowledge that from 1948 until 1967, there were no demands for a two-state solution, that the international community accepted control of Arab areas of Palestine by Jordan.

LPR recommends that settlement of the Question of Palestine be settled in direct talks between Jordan and Israel, vis-a-vis the West Bank, and between Egypt and Israel as concerns the Gaza Strip.

LPR cautions the international community that peace will not come to the Middle East while the United Nations is seized of the "Question of Palestine."

The United Nations is a screen behind which the enemies of Israel plan their schemes leading to the eventual destruction of the Jewish state, to be replaced by the Islamic State of Palestine, the dream so devoutly wished by Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran and anti-Semites around the world.


Red Line

A Statement on Removing the Blindfold from the Statue of Justice?

May 19, 2015 --

Marilyn Mosby, State's Attorney for Baltimore, concluded her statement announcing charges against six Baltimore police officers in the homicide of Freddie Gray, with these words (text provided by TIME): "[t]o the youth of the city, I will seek justice on your behalf. This is a moment. This is your moment. Let's insure we have peaceful and productive rallies that will develop structural and systemic changes for generations to come.

You're at the forefront of this cause and as young people, our cause is now." In the course of Ms. Mosby's statement, delivered before a crowd May 1, in front of the Baltimore War Memorial, she also remarked: "To the people of Baltimore and the demonstrators across America, I heard your calls for "No justice. no peace...."


Red Line

Idea for the Last Orson Welles Picture Show

May 19, 2015 --

Attention is getting paid a book about Orson Welles' last movie that remains unfinished. LPR has an idea how to complete the movie, called by Welles "The Other Side of the Wind." Use the film as cinematic book-end to Welles' first film -- Citizen Kane, which was a story about how a newspaper publisher was made larger than life by inheriting a great deal of money.

"The Other Side of the Wind" is clearly about a prominent Hollywood director made larger than life by his talent.

LPR even has a "Rosebud" moment before "The Other Side of the Wind" fades to black. The movie's narrator finds a note from Welles in a "Citizen Kane" script that reads....

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May 19, 2015 --

Political Polls ...

Earlier this year, political polls got the results of the Israel elections wrong. Now, these polls have been even more off the mark concerning the results of the elections in the United Kingdom. Nate Silver 538 polling team predicted that the Conservatives would win 278 seats in the House of Commons and Labour would win 267. What really happened was that the Conservatives won 330 seats and Labour 232. LPR is unaware of any polling outfit acknowledging that the premise of their polling is wishful thinking of a leftwing victory.

Religious Bipolarism at The New York Times ...

In a May 7 editorial, the Times denounced Pam Geller's "Muhammad Art Exhibit and Contest" in Garland, Texas, as "an exercise in bigotry and hatred posing as a blow for freedom." The paper went on to comment: "...it is hard to see how [freedom of expression] is advanced by inflicting deliberate anguish on millions of devout Muslims...." Sixteen years ago, however, the Times defended as expressions of artistic and cultural freedom images that trashed Christian religious symbols. No thought at The New York Times, of the infliction of "deliberate anguish on millions of devout" Christians.


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