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The Job Republicans
Were Elected To Do

March 19, 2015 --

On November 4, 2014, U.S. voters elected Republicans to majority control in the Senate and increased the GOP majority in the House to 247, compared with 188 Democrats. (Since January, there are two GOP House vacancies.) The wrong conclusion is that the voters elected Republicans to resist an aggrandizing president, backed by zealous Democrats. To the contrary,
our elections have become charades intended to fool the American people into believing Washington cannot act without the consent of the governed. Consequently, LPR here proposes that election day in the U.S. be switched to April 1, as the Washington establishment has no intention of acting with the consent of the governed.

The New York Times, in a March 17 editorial, calls on Republicans to confirm the nomination of Loretta Lynch as attorney general, "to reassure the country of their ability to govern now that they control both houses of Congress." This is another early April fool on Times readers. It should be obvious to one and all that The New York Times has zero interest in Republican governance. When The New York Times calls on Republicans to "do the job Americans elected them to do," the Times is really calling on the GOP to do what President Obama wants them to do.

"A vote that represents free will is never wasted"
-- David Zukerman

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Taking the Word of Democratic Consultants

March 19, 2015 --

LPR caught an item reporting that Clintonista James Carville sees Jeb Bush as the strongest Republican candidate for 2016. The Republican establishment always takes the word of Democratic activists over the preferences of conservatives. And so, look for Jeb Bush to be the next moderate Republican presidential candidate to be defeated by a leftist zealot -- Lois Lerner, of course.

And how could Ms. Lerner not bring back HIllary Rodham Clinton for a second round as secretary of state -- with Sen. Elizabeth Warren to be her defense secretary?


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Open Letters as Means
to Making a Point

March 19, 2015 --

LPR, previously, has posted open letters. This was long before the controversy over "An Open Letter to the Leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran," dated March 9, 2015 and signed by 47 United States senators, all of them Republicans. The hostile reaction to the open letter from the Obama administration tells LPR that Democrats will regard an open letter from Republicans as impolite, impolitic and even protocol-challenged. LPR acknowledges that its open letters have been aimed more to LPR clicksters than to the named addressee. LPR has a hunch that this also applies to the open letters to Iran's leaders. Indeed, Senator Rand Paul told Secretary of State John Kerry, at a senate hearing, that he signed the letter to send Kerry, not Iran's leaders, a message.

The open letter from the Republican 47 seems intended to make the point that an agreement with Iran not ratified by the Senate will not bind a succeeding administration -- not even one headed by Lois Lerner. Curiously, LPR has neither seen nor heard of references to Federalist Paper No. 75 in the context of a Senate role in international agreements. LPR has seen letters in the New York Times chastising the Republican 47 for writing the letter and warning that breaking an executive agreement with a foreign power might violate international law - an argument also put forward by Iran's leaders. No 75 assures us that treaties must be ratified with the concurrence two-thirds of senators present. No. 75 also points out that a reason for this Senate role is that some president might seek to bind us to an agreement with a foreign power for personal gain.

LPR has found no provision in the Constitution for an executive agreement that will be binding without Senate approval. This, of course, does not keep Secretary Kerry from accusing the Republican 47 of violating the Constitution; this has not kept the Daily News from denouncing the Republican 47 as "TRAITORS" [Caps in the original.]

The Constitution, Article III, Section 3, defines "[t]reason against the United States" only as "levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort."

It seems that the Daily News would extend the concept to Republican senators writing an open letter, setting forth their understanding of terms of the Constitution. Perhaps the Daily News is just annoyed that the Republican 47 didn't try to publish their open letter in the paper's Voice of the People columns.

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A Long Road to Naming an Israeli Prime Minister?

March 19, 2015 --

These words are written March 17, the day of the Israeli elections. LPR will not be surprised if leftist Isaac Herzog does well. March 17 is St. Patrick's Day and Herzog's grandfather, Rabbi Isaac HaLevi Herzog, served as Chief Rabbi of Ireland.

His father, Chaim Herzog, an Israeli general, ambassador to the United Nations and president of Israel, was born in Belfast. Given these links to Ireland and the St. Patrick's Day elections, how can Isaac Herzog not do well in Israel, March 17?

This is not, however, to say that he will immediately form a government to head as prime minister. Indeed, even if Herzog's Zionist Union gains a plurality, it may take some time to put together a ruling coalition. Indeed, the longer, the better -- from LPR's view.

LPR has a sense that anti-Israel terrorism has been down to keep Israelis from returning Benjamin Netanyahu to power.

The longer it takes for the Israeli political parties to agree to a new government, the longer the respite from terrorism is likely to continue.

PLUS -- the longer the Israeli political process takes to form a government, the longer the uncertainty of the Obama administration as to the Israeli reaction to U.S. negotiations with Iran.

Accordingly, LPR would advise the Israeli political parties to keep consulting on a new government until January 20, 2017, even if that is the day Lois Lerner becomes U.S. president.


Red Line

The Wishes of Geraldo Rivera on the Election Outcome in Israel

March 19, 2015 --

Media personality Geraldo Rivera declared, on his talk show March 16, that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is bad for Israel. That probably means Rivera does not want to see Netanyahu returned as prime minister of the Jewish State. Rivera followed up his distaste for Netanyahu by referring to last summer's fighting in Gaza and cited the death of 2,000 Palestinians compared to some 75 Israelis, most of them soldiers. It is of no apparent concern to Rivera that Hamas insures that civilians in Gaza are in harm's way. Would Rivera prefer that the losses were more even on both sides? (LPR is not aware that Rivera has commented on deaths in Ukraine's fighting, said to exceed 5,000.)

LPR next heard Rivera assert that Israel is two-faced. A few weeks earlier, LPR heard Rivera assert that references to the Holocaust in debating the issue of a nuclear Iran were "unforgivable," and dismiss the threat to Israel of a nuclear-armed Iran, adding that the U.S. was committed to come to the defense of Israel. Anyone know of such a U.S. commitment?

LPR does not believe it exists.

Mr. Rivera has also called for a strong U.S. reply to ISIS barbarity. Indeed, he seems to want us to kill all of ISIS. Okay. But if we kill 10,000 ISIS barbarians and, it is to be hoped, suffer very, very, very few losses, will Mr. Rivera raise the proportionality issue he raises against an Israel faced by the Hamas terrorist organization committed to destroying the Jewish state? Could it be Mr. Rivera who is the two-faced one?

LPR does not discount the possibility that Geraldo Rivera has a compromise in mind to settle Israel's difficulties with Hamas and the Palestine Authority: let the country be known as "The Islamic Republic of Israel" -- including the proportional number of religious conversions to justify the new name.


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March 19, 2015 --

Lois Lerner for President ...

There has been some talk that Hillary Rodham Clinton is the presumptive Democratic nominee for president in 2016 and, indeed, the presumptive next president. LPR disagrees. To those who claim there is simply no other feasible Democratic candidate, LPR says: how could you have dismissed Lois Lerner? Not only is Ms. Lerner as experienced as Secretary Clinton in making e-mails disappear; she knows how to deal with upstart conservatives. What better qualifications could a Democrat have for 2016? How could Lois Lerner lose, especially if the Republicans nominate Jeb Bush as their presidential candidate?

No Longer Terrorists ...

LPR understand that a U.S. intelligence report has removed Iran and Hezbollah from the terrorist list. To be replaced by Israel if Benjamin Netanyahu is re-elected prime minister?


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