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Censorship at The New York Times?


April 19, 2016 --

On March 22, a three- judge panel at the United States Court of Appeals for the Six Circuit, ordered the Internal Revenue Service (irs) to comply with the discovery orders of a district judge that were dated April 1 and June 16, 2015. The Sixth Circuit panel, in an opinion by Judge Kethledge, ordered the IRS to “comply “without redactions, and without further delay.” Three weeks after the Sixth Circuit ruling, LPR has found nothing online to indicate whether the IRS is now complying with discovery orders going back more than one year. The New York Times did not report that court’s ruling when it was first announced. On April 13, LPR googled the following search request: “New York Times articles in the March 22, 2016 Sixth Circuit ruling in the NorCal case.” This request bought up articles on the Six Circuit ruling from other sources, but nothing from The New York Times.

NorCal Tea Party Patriots and other groups brought suit against the IRS for violating information procedures in the handling of requests for tax exemptions. The plaintiffs claimed that the IRS treated their requests unfairly “because of their political beliefs.” The plaintiffs sought discovery to learn the names, among other things, of the IRS staffers who handled their requests. The district judge granted discovery and the IRS went to the Sixth Circuit to challenge the lower court’s ruling. The Sixth Circuit determined: “On the record before us here, the IRS’s response has been one of continuous resistance.”

The court ruled that the IRS was not entitled “to keep secret…every internal IRS document that reveals IRS mistreatment of a taxpayer or applicant organization—in this case or future ones.” Consider the forgoing. The IRS apparently tried to twist the applicable statute into an excuse to keep secret the facts of its mistreatment of groups based on their politics. Judge Kethledge pointed out that the statute in question “was enacted to protect taxpayers from the IRS, not the IRS from taxpayers.”

There was more sharp criticism of the IRS from the court. Judge Kethledge commented, “The conduct of the IRS’s attorneys in the district court falls outside” the “long and storied tradition [at the Department of Justice] of defending the nation’s interests and enforcing its laws….” The opinion added the expectation “that the IRS will do better going forward.” There is, as yet, no indication of compliance by the IRS with the Sixth Circuit discovery order. And at The New York Times – silence. Has anti-conservative outrage at The New York Times held its tongue?

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A Modest Thought for Public Comfort Stations

April 19, 2016 --

North Carolina has been in the news, lately, over a controversy sparked by a bill, quoting a New York Times story, April 13, “limiting transgender bathroom access,” among other things.

The issue has reportedly caused a sharp divide in North Carolina, with opponents of the law threatening to boycott North Carolina. (New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, in high dudgeon, has barred certain types of travel to North Carolina.)

LPR publicly asks The New York Times and North Carolina – is this really about access to a room with a bath in it? That noted, LPR has a thought: apply the invidious “separate but equal” formula to require an end to separate comfort stations for men and women.

Once we have only unisex comfort stations, the issue gets resolved and people will have to find something else as an excuse to hold a boycott which, according to a New York Times editorial, December 21, 1992, “is a legitimate weapon in a democratic society and, historically, one of the most effective.”

More on Gov. Cuomo

Doesn’t a ban on interstate travel by a state governor interfere with interstate commerce and, thereby, violates the federal construct that the Constitution provides? Would the Supreme Court uphold a wall constructed by Gov. Cuomo separating New York from, say, Connecticut?

Still More on Gov. Cuomo

April 19 is Primary Day in the state of New York. It is Primary Day for the Democrats and also Primary Day for the Republicans. LPR wonders how the Republican Primary can take place in view of Gov. Cuomo’s pronouncement, in January 2014, that “conservatives” with “extreme” views “have no place in the state of New York.” You can’t tell LPR that the New York governor doesn’t consider Ted Cruz or Donald Trump anything but extreme conservatives. Can we be certain, as of this writing (April 13) that Gov. Cuomo won’t order Ted Cruz and Donald Trump removed from voting booths, giving John Kasich his second primary win? On the other hand, if the governor permits extreme conservatives on ballots in New York state, perhaps his ban on certain forms of travel to North Carolina shouldn’t be taken to heart.


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So Much Money to So Few to Oppose One Man

April 19, 2016 --

The lead story in The New York Times, April 12, reported that “nearly $70 million has gone to commercials assailing Mr. [Donald] Trump.” Apparently, the Trump candidacy has become a boon for selected ad agencies.

LPR was struck by the comment that ended the article. Steve Murphy, described as “a veteran Democratic ad maker” was quoted: “’Ask Donald Trump if he thinks negative ads hurt him in Wisconsin….Then tell him the Democrats have another half a billion dollars’ worth ready to go in the general [election].” No thought there what that amount of money could do for the homeless.

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Like F. Scott Fitzgerald Advised, the Rich ARE Different From the Rest of Us

April 19, 2016 --

Shaun King, in the Daily News, April 12, reports that the $675,000 that Hillary Clinton received for three speaking appearances at Wall Street’s Goldman Sachs, is double Sen. Bernie Sanders’ net worth, said to be $330,000. Shucks, that’s nothing.

It would take the LPR proprietor 45 years to see his social security income reach $675,000. Will the establishment please explain how a candidate, who in three appearances got paid $675 K, can have a smidgen of a clue what life is like for the rest of us?

Will someone at Goldman Sachs explain the value it received – or expects to receive -- in exchange for three speaking appearances by Hillary Clinton in exchange for $675,000? Or is it that at Goldman Sachs, 675 thou is chicken feed?

Sorry, a “what difference, after all, does it make?” response won’t fly with LPR.

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April 19, 2016 --

A Date That Was Not Recalled . . .

LPR wasn’t aware that attention was paid, April 12, to the 71st anniversary of the death of President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

David Brooks Strikes Again . . .

From his April 12 New York Times column: “Trump voters don’t seem to realize how unelectable their man is because they hang out with people like themselves.” Anyone see Brooksie hanging out, lately, among us masses?


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