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A United Jerusalem Rally in Manhattan


November 19, 2021 --

Supporters of a united Jerusalem turned out for a rally on Second Avenue, opposite Israel's UN Mission the morning of November 10.  The rally was timed to coincide with a demonstration in Israel, held at 5 pm Israel time. (There is a seven hour difference in Israel and New York time). 

The immediate purpose of the demonstration was to oppose the Biden administration's plan to open a consulate in Jerusalem to serve the Palestinians.  Under international law, a consulate cannot be opened without the consent of the receiving country.  Congress passed a law in 1995 recognizing Jerusalem as the undivided capital of Israel.  President Trump, acting on this legislation, moved our embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

If President Biden opens a consulate in Jerusalem without Israel's consent, the effect will be to place in question  President Trump's action recognizing Jerusalem as the undivided capital of Israel, and the legislation on Jerusalem enacted by Congress.  If Biden forces the Bennett government to accept the reopening of the Jerusalem consulate, LPR will understand that Biden is a figurehead president, fronting for...Barack Obama through Susan Rice?, as suggested by Larry Gordon, editor of the Five Towns (L.I.) Jewish Times. 

The Manhattan demonstration was organized by Americans for a Safe Israel,  the Zionist Organization of America, and Yad Yamiin (NY). LPR particularly liked the sign calling on the president to "stop dissing Israel."  (Not remembered at this rally:  November 10 was the 83rd anniversary of the terrible anti-Jewish pogrom throughout all Nazi Germany called Kristallnacht.  And November 10 also marked the 46th anniversary of the UN's anti-Semitic Zionism is racism resolution -- later rescinded during President George H.W. Bush's term in office.)

Biden, stop dissing Israel.

Meanwhile at the UN, the Third Committee (social, humanitarian, cultural) adopted pro-Palestinian resolutions calling for, among other things, the immediate withdrawal of Israel from Palestinian Occupied Territory, including East Jerusalem. The U.S. abstained on this resolution. (Some friend to Israel is Biden!).  The US voted against adopting the anti-Israel report of the Human Rights Council.   As is typical for the UN General Assembly, these draft resolutions will be adopted by the assembly before the session ends, with the media likely to ignore the continued anti-Israel bias at the United Nations.

Magen David

Pro-Israel signs 11/10/21

Demonstration for Jerusalem

Jerusalem demonstration 11/10/21



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NYT Guest Essay

November 19, 2021 --

A guest essay in The New York Times, November 16, "The Steele Dossier Indicted the Media," by Columbia Journalism Professor Bill Grueskin did have some some  media criticism, indicating that many "reporters" and "journalists" were in the tank for Hillary Clinton, to defeat Donald Trump, and, after Mr. Trump won the presidency, acted out of personal animus to overturn the 2016 election,but went on to indicate his own anti-Trump bias by accusing the former president, without evidence, of "corruption and democracy-shattering conduct that his administration pushed for four years." 

LPR has a hunch The Times would not have published the piece if it did not lash out at the former president. Grueskin, parroting the anti-Trump line that the former president was a serial liar, explained that when Mr. Trump asserted that the dossier consisted of falsehoods, reporters instinctively thought Mr. Trump was lying. 

Grueskin continued, "The  situation also became complicated because some reporters simply didn't like or trust Mr. Trump or didn't want to appear to be on his side."   

What Grueskin is hinting at, but has difficulty saying: "reporters" and 'journalists" transformed themselves into propagandists for the purpose, originally, of seeing him defeated by Hillary Clinton and, thereafter, to oust him from power.  Grueskin's essay is indication that even a J-School professor can turn into an anti-Trump partisan hack when ostensibly discussing the media's anti-Trump bias.


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Canine Corner: Lulu and Bissli

November 19, 2021 --

Bissli visited his best friend, Lulu, November 15, spending the entire afternoon at play. They ran, and wrestled and generally had a good time, together, as they always do. Early evening, Bissli stopped by Lulu's apartment for a bite to eat, where these images were snapped.

Bissli and Lulu. 11/15

Lulu and Bissli - 2 11/15

Lulu with Bissli in LPR kitchen, 11/15/21

Lulu enjoying rawhide bone, 11/7

Lulu, 11/11/21




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Will Edward Durr Transform Political Campaigns?

November 19, 2021 --

Mr. Durr, a truckdriver by trade, upset the president of the New Jersey state senate, Democrat Stephen Sweeney, spending less than $2400 on his campaign, reportedly.  LPR wonders if this will cause a drastic  change in American politics. Up to now, a candidate was not taken seriously unless he had lots of dollars in his war-chest. Now that Eward Durr has defeated a powerful New Jersey Democrat by spending a pittance, will candidates, eager to prove that they are "of the people," compete by declaring how little they are spending on their campaign?

Will candidates issue statements, notarized, that they are not hiring ad agencies or polling firms to tell them what is on the minds of voters and how best to persuade voters  that they  are at one with them? Will candidates now make Madison's populist comments in Federalist No. 57 the essence of their campaigns:  that they oppose the aggrandizers who prosper from the sacrifice of the common person, and will stay close to the people because tyranny happens when officeholders remove themselves from the voters?

On the other hand, will the political parasite industry get a campaign against State Senator-elect Durr underway, contending that he represents a grave threat to democracy and the American political way of life, arguing in part, "no radio, tv, and print ads? Unthinkable"?




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Autumn Colors

November 19, 2021 --

Tree in autumn on Riverdale Avenue

Bronx foliage, 11/8

Bronx, not Nantucket

Happy family

Still green in November

Golden leaves, 11/10/21

WWI Monument 11/10/21

WWI monument in autumn

A Bronx tree in autumn

Bronx Street in autumn


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This Report Can't Be Serious

November 19, 2021 --

From Western Journalism Review, November 17

"Biden May Be Secretly Planning to Replace Unpopular Kamala Harris as VP: Insider Rumor" Biden must have forgotten the significance of the ouster of Spiro Agnew as Richard Nixon's vice president.

That ouster, with Gerald Ford replacing Agnew, made palatable an otherwise unpalatable vice president succession.

Is it Biden, or someone behind Biden, that is rumored to be pressing for the resignation of Vice President Harris -- for the purpose of getting a palatable successor to the increasingly unpopular Joe Biden, who could take down with him the Democrat Party, even given its election manipulating, next November?

Will one House Republican explain to Republican voters
why Pelosi puppet Liz Cheney has not been banished
from the House GOP caucus?

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The Warmth of Cold Weather Dining

November 19, 2021 --

Dining out, literally in The Bronx

Support local businesses

Outdoor dining by day

Riverdale Ave. dining shed at night, 11/10/21

Broadway at 65th Street



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LPR Photo Gallery

November 19, 2021 --

Tracks for the 1 train at the W. 231st St. station

Barnes & Noble store UWS

Men in front of UWS church

Sculpture with Lincoln Center in rear

Lincoln Center

Evening on Johnson Ave., Bx.

Low clouds to the east

New building to be here, 60th and Broadway

W.72nd St., looking east

Moon on power line

White dot in center is half-moon

Holiday lights on Riverdale Ave. 11/10/21

Bronx sunrise

Almost full moon, 11/16/21

UN building from Second Ave. 11/10/21

Night roadwork on the NB HHP service road, 12:40 a.m 11/18

W.239th St. overpass at HHP

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November 19, 2021 --

Thanks to Councilman Eric Dinowitz …

LPR's travail with the MTA continued when the replacement card was refused at MTA vending machines,  Fortunately, LPR had on hand a temporary MTA card. LPR phoned the office of Councilman Eric Dinowitz and the staffer said he would intercede with the MTA to get a replacement for the replacement. That card arrived November 13 and LPR expects, thanks to the good offices of Councilman Dinowitz, that after six weeks, he finally has a senior citizen's subway card that will work at the MTA vending machines. provided they do not breakdown.  LPR wonders if the reason subway booth personnel are no longer adding value on MYA cards is because they will be...discontinued.   To be replaced by what...robots?


Concerning Rep. Liz Cheney …

This month, Ms. Cheney returned to the news with a report that the Wyoming Republican Party no longer considers her to be a Republican.  BUT, according to a reliable Wyoming GOP source, Ms. Cheney can still run in the Republican primary to seek re-election to the House on the Republican line.  Of course, the situation would become complicated were the House Republican Conference to agree with Wyoming Republicans that Ms. Cheney is no Republican. So far, Ms.Cheney continues as vice chair of the  Pelosi select panel to find Trump supporters guilty of political heresy. LPR has concluded that Pelosi has transformed herself into the Grand Inquisitor, with Rep. Cheney serving as an assistant inquisitor.  (Please and answer the LPR poll question on this subject.)


Just wonderin' …

If Joe Biden is truly a man of the people, why has he not spoken out against the usurious interest rates on credit cards that his home state, Delaware, allows banks to impose on the backs of hard-working Americans.   If anyone wanted to point to an example how the wealthy get wealthier and the poor get poorer, just take a look at the formerly usurious, thus formerly illegal interest rates on credit cards, interest rates that amount to a government-approved private tax on the Struggling Class.


On the other hand …

LPR's mind is boggled by the nomination of Saule Omarove to be Comptroller of the Currency.  With her call for the bankruptcy of the fossil fuel industry, Ms. Omarova has indicated that she is indeed a Leninist.  How could Biden name a Leninist to such an important position, given Lenin's belief that the way to overthrow the capitalist system was to debauch the currency?  Or is Biden not in charge of his administration bur fronting for Leninists?  What could be a better post for a Leninist intent on overthrowing capitalism by debauching the currency that Comptroller of the Currency.  Senate Republicans, where is your resourceful and effective opposition to this bizarre, anti-MAGA, nomination?


Speaking of Republicans in House and Senate …

Where is your stalwart and effective opposition to the unconstitutional FBI raid on the home of James O'Keefe, guiding light of Project Veritas?  Where is the letter from the House Republican Conference to the attorney general denouncing such police state tactics?   And where is the letter from the House Republican Conference to Grand Inquisitor Pelosi demanding that she terminate, forthwith, her unconstitutional select panel to root our Republican heretics and declaring all subpoenas issuing from such faux panel null and void ab initio?   House Republicans, it is time to stand up in defense of liberty.


Support cooperative
free enterprise.

Predatory free enterprise
is bad for our
economic health.


If we don't speak out against economic bullying by Oil, Credit Cards, Municipalities, WHO WILL?

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